eBook Tech Snafus and Amazon Woes ARE GONE!!!

I am stoked to report that all of the eBook tech problems with the Kindle version of PFC John Gurecki have finally been resolved!! YAY!!!PFC-John-Gurecki-Tech-Snafus-Ebook-Amazon-Woes-Are-Gone-1024x768 eBook Tech Snafus and Amazon Woes ARE GONE!!! Amazon Kindle eBooks PFC John Gurecki self-published Uncategorized World War II Amazon took quite awhile to get back to my distribution company, and when they finally did, they said that there was some coding that needed to be removed from the eBook file. I contacted the cheapo company that helped me with my eBook files and within a few moments, they sent a revised file.
I sent it off to the distribution company earlier this week, and I admit, I was wary. This morning I downloaded the file from Amazon, and voilĂ ! It looked SO much better.
There are a couple of blank pages missing, which I felt are needed for the pacing of the book, but after all the rigmarole, I can certainly live with this!
Next up, now that everything is as it should be – time to market the hell out of it!